Favourable conditions for student stay at Residence Lanteri

You have the possibility to choose between several favourable conditions according to your tastes and your means to personalize your stay in Residence Lanteri.

Extraordinary conditions for boarders


The contract

Payment of the board

  • The contract is signed when filling of the Process of Registration although a signature on the spot is always possible if you visit the R.U.L.. This can be interesting for the future residents who come from remote regions, from foreign or overseas countries; 
  • The duration of the contract is determined by the resident himself - date of arrival and date of departure (both can be revised if needed) for a minimum stay of one month.
  • Termination of the contract can be made by sending a message and meeting the Assistant in charge of the students. There is no need for a registered letter – if you respect the period of 45 days mentioned in the contract (and not of three months or more).

An invoice is sent every month by the administration of the R.U.L. directly to the student or to another addressee, as stipulated when signing the contract. 

It is possible to pay either in cash or with a check or visa card ;
It is also possible to pay by bank transfer at a set date, it is a question of personal choice;
Meal tickets are handed over at the beginning of each month if the invoice of the previous month has been paid.



In single or double room ?

Definitive booking 

On the registration form, you will indicate the type of room wanted : simple or double room. If it is impossible to satisfy immediately your expectations, you will be temporarily given a double room, if you agree - we shall let you know as soon as a single room is available during the year. 

Once completed, the future resident’s file will be handed over to the Directors of the R.U.L. and all being well, a letter of acceptance will be sent as soon as possible. The booking becomes then definitive. It can however be canceled, should the future resident for some reason change his mind. The notification must be written and sent twenty-one (21) days before the date of the beginning of a normal academic year (Sept.1st) or the arrival date indicated on the contract by the student. (except in cases of 'force majeure').


Being precise makes things easier ! 


1. It is thus imperative to fill carefully the “Registration Form" and to join all the documents required : do not forget to make the person who stands as surety for you sign the necessary transcriptions. This is necessary each time a student is dependent financially from a third party. 

and also to send : 
2. The file for " Personal Information and planning of Activities "; 
3. The " Characteristics and ways of life "; 
4. The "Request for authorization to use the computing resources and acceptation as member of the charter" (p. 7) of the "Charter for the use of the computing resources of the R.U.L. " (This charter is to be kept by the resident just as the Rules and Regulations of the Residence during all the years he will be spending at the residence)