Inscription Procedure for the Residence Universitaire Lanteri near Paris

More than 30 days

Inscription procedure

You can download and print the "Paper for Inscription R.U.L."

It is very easy to join!


To join:

  • On behalf of the student resident:
    • You fill and sign the folowwing sections the​ ''Legal commitment of the student - resident'' (Appendix C of « Paper for Inscription​ R.U.L.»).
    • A photocopy of the ID card or valid passport, of the future resident.
    • Three (3) photos - not scanned, passport format.
    • For the foreigners: join a copy of a valid permit to reside in the country.
    • Letter of personal motivations: who are you? Why the R.U.L.? (optional)
    • A study, training or work certificate: it can be handed afterward.
    • House insurance certificate: strictly required on the arrival day.
  • On behalf of the guarantor:
    • You fill and sign the following section: "Legal commitment of the guarantor (Appendix D of « Paper for Inscription​ R.U.L.»).
    • A photocopy of his ID card or valid passport;
    • And a documentary evidence of a place of residence.
    • Two Remuneration Statement. ​​
  • Three different checks in the order of ‘’RUL-ASDO’’  or by bank transfer (bank details):
    • 75 € not refundable, for registration fee (195€ par ADELE).
    • 750 € of deposit, which will be cashed upon arrival.
    • 670 € (single bedroom) ou 515 € (double bedroom) for the 1st month of rent, which will be cashed upon arrival.


You can post or scan your registration form at the folowing adress :

Assistant des étudiants
7 rue Gentil-Bernard
92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses

You can deposit it directly at the front desk of the RUL during opening hours.

NB: the written confirmation of your acceptance will follow the reception of the registration form.

If a problem appears you can reach us at:

01 41 13 36 00 ou 01 41 13 37 10 ou 06 26 56 24 17.