Convincing reasons to choose Residence Lanteri as my student’s residence near Paris

To do well in your studies, your environment in life is one important condition which greatly helps results. This is why you will find convincing reasons to choose Residence Lanteri as your student's residence near Paris.


Residence Lanteri offers you many convincing reasons in choosing the best place to stay near Paris

Several practical and economic advantages offered by the Residence Lanteri can be crucial in the choice of your student’s residence. Here are a few :


What you get for your money is incomparable !

There are at least 5 good reasons choose Residence Lanteri as your Student's Home:

1°) The outstanding qualities of Residence Lanteri

Residence Lanteri has outstanding qualities in every aspect of itsorganization (building, comfort, services and  accessibility):

  • Rooms are bright, spacious and functional. A quick look at the Picture Gallery of Residence Lanteri will convince you. You will see that the decoration, cleanliness and functionality of every room of Residence Lanteri are features that ensure a pleasant stay for all its residents.
  • Located just opposite the station RER B Fontenay-aux-Roses, Residence Lanteri is easily accessible, which greatly reduces travel time to most universities in the Paris region.
  • Residence Lanteri is situated in a privileged area along the ‘Coulée Verte’ and close to the Park of Sceaux and it offers its residents a quiet and peaceful environment that is very conducive to study.

Thanks to its comfort and its many services, Residence Lanteri differs completely from all other competing offers: 

  • More than 100 rooms (16 m² large) with private bathroom and access to high speed internet connection and telephone;
  • Study room with web access;
  • Gym and professionally equipped fitness;
  • Game Room (billiards, table tennis, foosball, board games); 
  • Comfortable TV room ;
  • Friendly Lounge ;
  • Music room with a piano for musicians;
  • Laundry room available (washing machines, dryers, iron, etc ...);
  • Full Catering providing complete and balanced meals;
  • Professional cleaning service in rooms;
  • Private parking for cars;
  • Secured garages for bicycles.


2°) The board price includes EVERYTHING:

  • A complete self-service breakfast;
  • 20 tickets for meals to be taken at lunch or in the evening as you please ; 
    The meal includes four courses:
    -Starterwith 5 varieties, hot or cold-choice or salad bar;
    - The piece de resistance-a choice between two home-cooked dishes, no frozen dishes-
    - A choice of 8 cheeses or dairy products, always ultra-fresh - and 6-fruit and pastries desserts regularly.
  • Cleaning of bedrooms: the cleaner will systematically do the work  once a week cleaning the floor and flat surfaces ;
  • Common rooms: Entrance hall, study room, two television rooms, a body-building room (there is a charge for membership), a laundry (working with coins) - a relaxation room with billiard table etc, a music room with a piano, a store room for student’s luggage during the holiday period, etc.;
  • Intranet Network with direct and unlimited access to the Internet (ADSL)
  • A car park, and secured garages for bicycles. 
  • All this is included in the monthly board 

NB: no additional costs nor unpleasant surprises for :

  • Electricity (which can reach approximately 45€ / month if we compare with other residences);
  • Household refuse collection (approximately 6€ / month);
  • The local residence tax (approximately 320€ / year for a room of 16m ², according to municipalities);
  • Expenses for an agency (6 % all taxes included of the annual rent local charges excluded);
  • Unlimited use of internet (+ - 10 € according to the chosen fixed prices). 

3°) Exceptional conditions of room hire:

  • Every resident of RUL can apply for a rent allowance on social basis ( APL) – and this even for foreigners, it can reach more than 230 €, (which diminishes the cost of your pension); (contact the Family allowance fund of Hauts-de-Seine ( 92 ) > >, CAF - 2, rue de la Renaissance, 92160 Antony. Tél.: or Fax.:
  • Registration can be done either by Internet, mail or physically;
  • The duration of Contract is determined by the resident himself and the dates of arrival and the date of departure can be revised if necessary in accordance with the terms and / or penalties (except in cases of force majeure);
  • The contract ending can be terminated after by giving a notice into a period of 45 days (and not three months or more as is often the practice in other establishments).


Several common rooms are provided for the students of the R.U.L to meet and create a friendly and convivial atmosphere

4°) A wide selection of activities

The variety and the quality of the activities of the R.U.L. are also an excellent reason for choosing the Residence Lanteri as student’s residence.Activities of the R.U.L. 

According to the interests and the time available by each one, the R.U.L. offers also various activities, besides supporting those which are spontaneously created by some students. Here are some of the proposed activities : 

  • Lanteri Association sportive (LAS) ;
  • Musical Group ( GM);
  • Exploration group of Paris and Ile-de-France;
  • Rando-Week-End;
  • Go-Karting;
  • Skying session ;
  • The school of the Faith ( EF);
  • Pilgrimages to Chartres, Santiago in Spain
  • Gathering of Youth in Jambville or Lourdes called FRAT 
  • World Youth’s Day etc. 
  • diversity, relaxation, culture and fun 

5°) The catering included in board is a decisive advantage to promote the academic success

  • Residence Lanteri’s catering helps its students to save time (no need to do any shopping every day or to  cook food) in order to devote his full time to study and improve his chances of success;
  • As everyone knows, the fact of living alone in a loft often contributes to discourage students to make the necessary efforts to cook complete and balanced meals. Consequently, the young will prefer to feed himself with 'junk food' which eventually will affect his physical balance (obesity, lack of essential vitamins, fatigue and illness).The meals provided by catering of the Residence Lanteri are balanced by dietitians and are carefully prepared by a professional team of chefs to ensure a healthy and  varied food for all residents;
  • Finally, sharing meals with other students in the dining room of the Residence Lanteri promotes conviviality and friendship among residents which also affect their mood. But we know that isolation can have long term negative effects on the psychological health of people and therefore to their ability to tolerate the intense stress of studies and the final examinations at the end of the year. To counter these difficulties, the Residence Lanteri offers every month a happy hour and a meal to celebrate residents birthdays and to promote maintenance of a good mood for all.

Here are the rates of Residence Lanteri (RUL) for the year 2013-2014:

  • Single room: The regular monthly fee is 630 € / month - with breakfast and 20 meals included - noon and evening - and so on. With the possibility of additional meals to 6.95 € - and the new formula:'' Express- Lunch'' at 3.95 € and an homemade pizza at 5.95 € .
  • Double: The regular monthly fee is 490 € / month – with breakfast and 20 meals included - noon and evening - and so on. With the possibility of additional meals to 6.95 € - and the new formula: “Express-Lunch” at 3.95 €.and a homemade pizza at 5.95 € 


In the light of these considerations, we can better assess the competitive rates of Residence Lanteri. Therefore, if we examine the Residence Lanteri’s proposal through a realistic and comprehensive comparison with all other competing offers in the area of Paris, we must recognize that the Residence Lanteri’s proposal has an exceptional and highly competitive value for money.

Make your own study … !!! You will be even more convinced!