Students Re-registration to Residence Lanteri

You are already a resident of Residence Lanteri of Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris and you want to register for the next year ? You must fill in the Re-registration form.


It is very easy to register!


You can download and print the "Paper for Inscription R.U.L."​


  • On behalf of the student resident:
    • You fill and sign the folowwing sections the​ ''Legal commitment of the student - resident'' (Appendix C of « Paper for Inscription​ R.U.L.»).
    • A photocopy of the ID card or valid passport, of the future resident.
    • A (1) photo - not scanned, passport format.
    • For the foreigners: join a copy of a valid permit to reside in the country.
    • Letter of personal motivations: who are you? Why the R.U.L.? (optional)
    • A study, training or work certificate: it can be handed afterward.
    • House insurance certificate: strictly required on the arrival day.


  • On behalf of the guarantor:
    • You fill and sign the following section: "Legal commitment of the guarantor"  (Appendix D of « Paper for Inscription​ R.U.L.»).
    • A photocopy of his ID card or valid passport;
    • And a documentary evidence of a place of residence.
    • Two Remuneration Statement. ​​​


  • Three different checks in the order of ‘’RUL-ASDO’’ or by bank transfer (bank details):
    • 60 € not refundable, for registration fee.
    • 750 € of deposit, which will be cashed upon arrival.
    • 670 € (single bedroom) ou 515 € (double bedroom) for the 1st month of rent, which will be cashed upon arrival.


Deposit directly the required documents for your file [sections H-3 and H-4 and other eventual documents if needed, at the Assistant of the students’ desk or at the front desk.

NB: the written confirmation of your acceptance will follow the reception of the re-inscription file.

If a problem appears you can contact us at:

01 41 13 36 00 or 01 41 13 37 10 or 06 26 56 24 17.


or by bank transfer