To reserve a long-term student’s stay at Residence Lanteri near Paris

This means over 30 days.

Procedures for Registration


Residence Universitaire Lanteri
 Documents for Registration
It’s very easy to register !
·         Download, print and read the “Regulation of Résidence Universitaire Lanteri” (2 pages): you keep a copy in your file.
·        Fill in the “Documents for Registration ”. Which include: 
A part regarding the candidate: 

Section H-1;
Section H-2;
Section H-3;

Download, print, fill in and sign these Sections by handwriting and add the mention: "Read and approved" before your signature :
Section H-5 (use of internet);
Section H-7 (committment of the future resident)

And a part regarding the person who stands as guarantor for the candidate: 

Section H-6.

·         Fill out and sign these documents (do not forget to write “read and approved” before your signature). 
FORMALITIES  -attach the following- :
v Photocopy of the valid identity card or passport of the future resident.
v Three recent photos - not scanned -.
v One scanned photo.
v For foreigners : attach a copy of the residence permit or, if pending, of the receipt.
v Letter of personal motivation.
v Certificate of study, training or employment : this can be handed over later.
v From the guarantor : photocopy of a valid identity card or passport and proof of address. 
v Three (3) checks:
v 75 € non-refundable for registration fees and the creation of the file.
v 750 €(single room) or 620 € (double room) deposit, which will be cashed on the day of arrival.
v 630 €(single room) or 490 € (double room) for the 1st month rental, which will be cashed on the day of arrival.
·         Post your Registration Documents to:
Assistant des étudiants
7, rue Gentil-Bernard
92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses
N.B. : A written confirmation of your acceptation will follow soon the reception of your file.
If you have any problem during the registration, contact us:
01 41 13 36 00 or 01 41 13 37 12 or 06 26 56 24 17



Documents are for the PDF (Portable Document Format). format To read them, you must have the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader