Residence Universitaire Lanteri: private catholic home for students in Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris

The spirit of Lanteri is expressed by the aim of finding the right conditions to allow all those who spend some time in this residence to benefit of calm surroundings and confort to make their stay one of peace and rest.

 Residence Universitaire Lanteri (R.U.L.) is a private catholic home for students in Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris (a non profit founded association – 1901 Law) it aims at an ideal of university formation which fully integrates all the aspects of the human being. It is run by the Congregation of Oblates of the Virgin Mary ( O.M.V).

Ever since 1960, year of its foundation, the R.U.L. has had an excellent reputation due to the spirit of conviviality which prevails and to all the services supplied. The atmosphere is quiet and the surroundings convenient for studying in the best conditions. Rooms are comfortable and all the common rooms are adapted to the needs of the residents. There are appropriate areas for friendly meetings or for studying in a group, also for moments of relaxation, festivities or improvised evenings.


You will soon feel at home!

R.U.L. consists mainly of university level students, but also trainees and young people starting on there first job who come from various parts of France, but also from the five continents. Its international dimension is an important characteristic, opening the mind of the residents to the various cultures, languages, religions and mentalities through the world they live in. 



 Residence Lanteri also welcomes any person (single or as a family or as a group) who wishes to make a short stay, either for a training period and\or spiritual regeneration, or for a business visit or holidays.