History of Residence Universitaire Lanteri

Ever since its foundation, Residence Universitaire Lanteri has been run by the congregation of Oblates of the Virgin Mary ( OMV) as a non-profit association (Law of 1901) for the support and the development of the deeds of Oblates of the Virgin Mary.

Residence Universitaire Lanteri was built in 1960 and was founded by Father Secondo Richiardone OMV, of Italian origin. During almost thirty years, he was in charge of the residence. He had the main hall of residence built (1961) and later, Saint Rita’s chapel (1992). He died prematurely in 1995. 

The Lanteri University Residence: an international residence

The Father Richiardone wanted to create in the suburb of Paris a place for students of all nationalities to live together. It is the reason for the variety in the origins and cultures, languages and religions, the history and the experience of each one. The different origins are not an obstacle to living in unity, this builds up through respect for each other. Respect is moreover the first rule of the R.U.L. Such an environment proves profitable to help students prepare a future based on sound values such as mutual support and conviviality, capacity to meet challenges and face up to responsibilities. This also leads to taking commitments seriously and giving oneself a better formation, both for ones personality and to transcend oneself. 
On the other hand, Father Richiardone wanted to build a chapel dedicated to Saint Rita to receive the faithfull who would meet their for a spiritual halt. He wanted to introduce there the charisma of the founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV), Father Pio Bruno Lanteri : formation of the Christian lay people, the awakening and the deepening of the faith, the conversion to the person of Christ through the "spiritual exercises" given in the form of spriritual retreats or of periodic guidance. He also wanted everyone to find there a community of religious brothers and priests available for confessions and spiritual exchanges, with the aim of the complete development of the human person. Man of intuition and projects, his dream fortunately came true.