Renting halls at Residence Lanteri near Paris

Residence Lanteri which is near Paris has several halls which can be booked for different kinds of meetings: conferences, meeting of catholic groups, family meetings on the occasion of religious feastivities (marriage, christning, etc...

  • Residence Lanteri offers several halls which can be rented . Here follows the list with the maximal number of persons according to the size of the room. 
    • Chapel Ste-Rita up to 200 pers. for 1500 m ² 
    • Crypt of the Chapel Ste-Rita :up to 150 pers. for 1500 m ² 
    • Meeting room: up to 20 pers. for 32 m ² 
    • Room of the Holy shroud: up to 20 pers. for 32 m ² 
    • triangular Room : 5 pers. or arrangement for 11m ² 
    • Reading Room :40 pers. for 65m ² 


Renting conditions:

  • The prospective customer must contact the Receptists, directly or by telephone, or even in writing (letter or fax) or, contact the R.U.L. with the following;
  • The person who wants to rent a hall has to fill the form G-2: " Identification and Contract " established for renting premises and, if necessary, the R.U.L. will send them that form by fax or by mail;
  • The agreement of the Director is conditional to the reception of the form G-2, filled and signed, with the required documents annexed to it, whether it is for an ecclesial meeting, a family festivity or other group;
  • The person who has to supply the photocopy of his identity card;

 Conditions and obligations : 

1-The people in charge agree to maintain proper order during all the activity; 
2-The people in charge agree to clean the premises after their activity; 
3-Dancing is never allowed; 
4-Music is forbidden during religious services in the chapel and is allowed, at other times, only at a low level; 
5-Activities will end before midnight; 
6-The deposit is not refundable even in case of cancellation by the one who has reserved 
7-A security of a 100 € is laid down at the time of the signature of the contract and will be paid off only after the event if there are no damages done to the property nor any acts of vandalism.


Renting fees for halls at the residence

Hall Capacity Half day (less than 5h) Full day
Crypt Hall 150 pers. 135 € 200 €
Meeting Hall 35 pers. 75 € 125 €
Holy Shroud Hall 20 pers. 50 € 100 €
Reading Hall 25 pers. 75 € 125 €