Partners of the Residence concerning Saint Rita’s Chapel

Several groups contribute to the animation:

  • Group of pastoral reflection for Saint Rita’s chapel
  • Group lead by Father Etienne GARIN s.j.: Formation to the spiritual discernment and spiritual accompaniment 
  • Saint Jean Damascene group: learning how to paint icons, and discovering the spirituality of icons
  • Judeo-Christian friendship: group of biblical reading between jews and Christians of all denominations
  • Group Vie et Partage: a Group of prayer and aiming at listening to God's Word, for young people ( 20-30 years olf)
  • Memorization of God’s Word: passing on God's Word through the memorization of Marc's Gospel. For further information contact Cécile Rogeau 01 43 50 66 08
  • St Peter and Paul's parish of Fontenay-aux-Roses

The RUL is on the territory of the catholic parish St Peter and Paul in which we collaborate in the pastoral activities.




  • Partners of Residence Universitaire Lanteri
  • Partners of the Residence concerning Saint Rita’s Chapel