Residence Lanteri welcomes gladly the spiritual and religious tourism of Paris

The religious and spiritual tourism is more and more popular in France. Residence Lanteri in suburb of Paris proposes rooms which meet the expectations of persons who look for a quiet place, convenient to the spiritual life and a nice visit of Paris.

The spiritual and religious tourism mattering in France

In an article of the newspaper "La Croix" of 9/06/2011: "In Lourdes, Frédéric Lefebvre promotes the spiritual tourism", Minister Lefebvre raised that according to the recent statistics " 20 million foreign visitors in France underline their charm for the spiritual and religious theme ". It's a matter of fact that, for example, Cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris attracts more than 8 millions of tourists each year.

Residence Lanteri welcomes gladly the spiritual and religious tourism of Paris

Residence Lanteri being led by a catholicb religious community: Fathers Oblates of the Virgin Mary, this Residence was always opened to the spiritual and religious tourism during all year and specially during summer period (in July and August). Situated in the Paris region of Ile-de-France, at only 20 minutes of the historic center of Paris by the RER B(REGIONAL EXPRESS NETWORK) , Residence Lanteri constitutes a place of accommodation of the spiritual and religious privileged tourism by facilitating the access to the spiritual places and of christian pilgrimage such as Notre-Dame, the Basilica of the Sacred - Heart of Montmartre or the Chapel of the miraculous medal of rue du Bac. You will find at Residence Lanteri a quiet place where you will be able to rest comfortably after your visit of Paris.

Saint-Rita's Chapel : an important asset of Residence Lanteri which welcomes the spiritual and religious tourism

Another important asset of Residence Lanteri concerning the reception of the spiritual and religious tourism in the region of Paris, is the Saint-Rita's Chapel . Indeed, the Oblates of the Virgin Mary exercises their pastoral ministry mainly in the Saint Rita's Chapel of Fontena-aux-Roses who is situated just in front of the Station of the RER B (REGIONAL EXPRESS NETWORK) of Fontenay-aux-Roses (Direction Robinson). In Saint Rita's Chapel , they celebrate masses, invite the believers in the daily eucharistic worship and proposes a spiritual welcome for all by the listening, the personalized spiritual accompaniment and the sacrament of the reconciliation.

Religious hotel business of 8 rooms

During all year, Residence Lanteri proposes a religious hotel business with 8 rooms with bathroom for a total capacity of 26 beds. You will find peace and the convenient tranquillity for reflexion and prayer in a regenerative religious accommodation. You can visit the Picture Gallery of the Hotel. You will see how every room is kept clean and in good order.

A very easy access of Residence Lanteri by RER B for religious and spiritual tourists

Religious and spiritual tourists of Paris will find very easily Residence Lanteri since it is just in front of the station of RER B (Fontenay-aux-Roses). A very easy access of Residence Lanteri by RER B so that in only 20 minutes, religious and spiritual tourists of Paris will get to Residence Lanteri from the center of Paris.See below the map of RER of Paris: