Symbolism of the architectural structure of Saint Rita's chapel of Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris

Saint Rita's Chapel of Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris was designed by architect Jean Jolivel. Mr. Jolivel has provided explanations of his work to help the faithful of the chapel to better connect with God through architectural design.


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It is the house of God. It is also the home of men who honor their God. To develop this piece, I spoke some traditions of the construction of Christian churches.I referred to St. Rita and great moments of his life dedicated to the love of God. I put some symbols used for centuries by the builders of churches and cathedrals.


The location is preferred in the property and in the city.The construction is carried out in continuation of existing buildings symbolizing the vitality of this community born in these places. The architectural expression is marked with a religious character easily seen by everyone. The composition is expressive yet modest and peaceful in this quiet neighborhood .


The nave is a square base of 5, three times five on each side. [2] The size and double square square dear to the Bible, are found in many Roman churches. In the Old Testament temple and shrine are built on square bases.This is the place of the Divine Presence. Cistercian Many churches are built on a series of squares. The number 5 is the symbol of man in many ancient civilizations. St. Hildegard developed the theory of this symbol in the Judeo-Christian history.Here the ship is composed of nine squares of 5 by 5. Thus we get: The square represents the House of God The number 5 symbolizes man. The man in this House of God. Surrounding the square on its surfaces part:The choir Both wings The narthex These five elements are thus the sign of the Cross, Christ identifies with the central symbol. St. Bonaventure says: "The Cross is a tree of beauty, consecrated by the blood of Christ, he is full of all fruits.Speaking of the miracles of a life to St Rita, said base cross-shaped pink blooms. Arcs each successive draw the wing petals of the flower, the choir semicircle is the receptacle.Some earnest souls have also seen the shape of the bee, remembering the miracle of Saint Rita of bees around, baby in the cradle. (It is important to note that Father Andrea Bianco, which is the origin of the devotion to St. Rita in Nice, predicted in 1947 at a meeting of seminarians:"One day we will build a beautiful chapel at St. Rita in Paris and it has the form of a bee '. The architect has learned that after having built the chapel ...)


The volume is animated by an upward movement:Internally Externally to the choir to the cross. The elevation of the gaze of course symbolizes the elevation of soul to his God. The chancel arch is formed by u in plan and opens to the faithful through a vertical arc.The arch symbolizes the halo ... halo, a sign of holiness. He scored in a privileged way: The sacred place. The place of sacrifice. In the symbolic forms, it should also be noted that the berries are light. The arrow stylized in its ascending form crowns every window.This arrow is the symbol of trade between Heaven and Earth. The symbolic content of each window is thus projected to Heaven, as our prayers rise to God. LIGHT According to St. John identifies with the light verb, the Second Person of the Trinity. Light proceeding Light.Here, sunlight is captured in its different component colors: Blue, the most immaterial of colors. Nature presents us with transparency in the mass of air. With the white is a color Marian. The red color of blood, symbol of life principle.Yellow gold is identified with the divine light. Finally, the purest light is transmitted through the crystal. In Christianity, the light entering the crystal is a traditional image of the Immaculate Conception. The poet Angelus Silesius saidMary is the Son of Light Crystal Celeste. In addition to sunlight, all the lights are equipped with an ignition system with multiple combinations. These lights are chosen and blended according to the liturgical seasons or mood recollection that you want to create.THE COMPONENTS To highlight our approach, we decided that this shrine is made of quality materials. The walls are stone facings. The soil is treated granite. The diamond-shaped frame structure is made of elm and fir. Its upward curve leads our eyes to the Cross.Note that in the liturgical language the word is sometimes taken as Woods stands for the Cross. The design of the windows has been entrusted to Marie-Jo Guével. Their achievement is the work of his father and brother. I will leave Yves Guével present the symbolism of these creations. The roof is copper.It is the material which, in this function, the greater longevity. The tower is made of steel. This material is very contemporary. He entered with force, his Cross in the sky and carries a 5 chime bells sing AVE MARIA.________________________________________

[1] Mr. Jolivel was twenty years consulting architect of the Cardinal Building.

[2] The nave is a square of 15m to 15m, built on a "frame" of nine squares of 5 x 5m. This pattern does not appear on the ground, but provided the basis for any design work.