Hostel of Residence Lanteri near Paris

Hostel of Residence Lanteri near Paris can receive until 26 people for a short stay.

The hostel of Residence Lanteri near Paris allows for the accommodation of persons who wants to spend a few days according to their need.

The hostel has 8 rooms which can accommodate from one to several persons. 
The capacity of the hostel can reach 26 hosts, but during the summer period the capacity can be extended to 150 persons by using the rooms of the student’s Residence.



Our fixed prices include: accommodation, meals and conference rooms. Various formula can be proposed. The prices vary according to the number of persons and the duration of the stay. We also offer reductions for groups.



Résidence Universitaire Lantéri
Hostel of Saint Rita's Chapel
 7 rue Gentil-Bernard - 92260 FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES
Reception and bookings for the hostel : 01 41 13 36 00
Fax : 01 43 50 88 45 - E-mail :