Animation for the students

A dynamic animation and a vast choice of interesting activities are proposed to the students of the Residence Lanteri of Fontenay-aux-Roses near Paris.

Animation and a range of interesting activities proposed in Residence Lanteri

The diversity and the quality of the activities of the Residence Lanteri ( RUL) are also an excellent reason to choose the Residence Lantéri as student residence.

The activities of the Residence Lanteri ( RUL):

According to the interests and the availability of each, the RUL offers a range very diverse of activities, besides supporting those who appear spontaneously on behalf of the very students.
We find among the proposed activities:

  • Lantéri Sport's Association ;
  • Free apéritif at every month to celebrate birthdays;
  • Festive meals of the beginning of the academical year;
  • Meal of the Christmas celebration;
  • Musical group ( GM);
  • Group of exploration of Paris and Ile-de-France;
  • Hike(Ride) - weekend;
  • Karting;
  • Session of ski;
  • The pilgrimage of Chartres;
  • The FRATde Jambville or Kick out;
  • World Youth Days (WYD)((WORLD YOUTH DAYS)); etc...
  • Festive meal of the end of year (outdoor BARBECUE).

Diversity, relaxation, culture, humor!